Project Convert 2 Cloth was founded by blogger, mother, and cloth diapering mom Danielle Elwood in May 2012. The project started as an idea for moms and moms-to-be who are on the fence to jump right into the cloth diapering game. Information, giveaways, and lots of information directly from a former disposable diapering mom turned to cloth.

Danielle started cloth diapering in the summer of 2010 with AppleCheeks pocket diapers. And quickly stopped after becoming pregnant with her daughter. Once the morning sickness was over she jumped right back in and never looked back.

Over the past two years she has tried a large variety of different diapers, and of course learned from other cloth diapering moms and bloggers far and wide.

Project Convert 2 Cloth is always open to guest bloggers, and contributors all over the web! If you would like to contribute, please e-mail ProjectConvert2Cloth@gmail.com!

About Danielle: 

Danielle is a mother of three, Camden her pre-schooler will be 5 later on in the year, Benjamin is 3, and rounding out her bunch is Addison the only girl in the house other than mom who joined the family in April of 2011.

She started out blogging in early January 2008 on Birth, Babies, and Everything In Between, which then became Momotics early in 2010. During that time she also wrote an internet column for the Connecticut Media Group which was featured on the popular Fairfield County news site The Connecticut Post. During this time she also write for Examiner.com as the Hartford Pregnancy & Parenting Examiner.

Danielle is a social media savvy mom that works from home handling social media accounts. In the past she has worked with Go Mama Go Designs, Pampers Kandoo, and AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers.
After completing her Lamaze training in the summer of 2010 she started writing for the Lamaze Giving Birth with Confidence website. She is hoping to finally sit for her Lamaze exam in the spring.

With a surprise pregnancy became a new opportunity to write for Babble.com. Danielle started to write on the Babble Blog Being Pregnant in September 2010 and was able to share her pregnancy journey with all the readers. Eventually expanding onto Babble.com’s Baby’s First Year blog, and the new blog Toddler Times.

On the personal side of things, Danielle reconnected with high school friend William Elwood in 2007 after he finished serving 5 years in the United States Marine Corps and they welcomed their first child Camden in December of that same year… a mere 12 months later. In January of the following year, they got married. Then came Benjamin in May of 2009.  During this time, Will also became a Volunteer Fire Fighter in their town, and has completely training, and schooling in hopes of becoming a career fire fighter one day, while working full time.

Danielle Authors her own website called Danielle Elwood Dot Com.

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