Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Types of Cloth Diapers

When it comes to looking into cloth diapering it can become extremely overwhelming. I know the first time I took the task on, I failed miserably and ended up selling the hand full of diapers I bought and going back to disposable till my middle son was about 18 months old.

There are four main types of diapers. Pre-folds, Pockets, All-in-Ones/All-in-Twos, and fitted diapers. If you want to get fancy you can branch off into hybrid diapers like g-diapers, but I am not going to focus on those types today. Just the basics.


Photo Credit: Flickr.com/BrittBergh
Pre-folds normally consist of a type of insert, fabric, or cloth diaper which typically our mothers would think of when talking cloth diapers. With these you can use a pin, snappi or other kind of fastener to secure the diaper in place, and then of course there are the covers which slip over.  I am not the most familiar with pre-folds because I do not use them, but below I linked up a couple great resources for pre-folds if those are the kind of diaper you are interested in trying out.

Pre-Folds also tend to be the easiest to make yourself, and the most cost effective when stocking up on diapers.

Green Mountain Diapers - Pre Fold's
About.com info on Pre-Folds
Diaper Junction - How to use Pre-folds
How to Fold a Diaper

Pocket Diapers:

Photo Credit: Flickr.com/onefullturn
I feel like I am a pocket diaper expert these days, because they are virtually all we use in our house. I find them to be the easiest for the lazy cloth diapering mothers like myself. The highlights of pocket diapers which make me prefer them include:
  •  Everything is included - no need for covers, pins, snappi's or any accessories.
  • Snaps or Velcro hold the diaper in place. (We prefer diapers with snaps)
  • Elastic in the leg area makes the diapers easily adjustable as your little one grows, which is exceptionally amazing if you have a baby with chunky legs.
The best part of the pocket diaper is you can double up the insert which slips into the pocket inside the diaper if you have a child who is a heavy wetter, or just want more overnight protection.

Some great resources include:

How do you use a Pocket Diaper - I love Cloth Diapers
How to Cloth Diaper: Using a Pocket Diaper - Diaper Junction
How do choose a cloth diaper stash - Naturally Trendy

My personal recommendations for Pocket Diapers include:
  • FuzziBunz
  • BumGenius
  • Knickernappies
  • Charlie Banana


Photo Credit: Flickr.com/simplyla
The real only difference (to me at least) between pocket diapers and all-in-ones is you do not need to put an insert into the pocket insert in the diaper.  Instead you can put a booster or doubler into the liner to help the absorbancy, but it is not necessary.

My personal favorite kind of all-in-one diapers are Ones&Twos. They fit great, and I have yet to have a leak with them, and we have been using them since we added some to our collection in January.

Some resources include:

How Stuff Works - All-in-one diapers

Some brands of All-in-ones include Ones&Twos, Thirsties, Bumkins, and Swaddlebees.

Fitted Diapers

Photo Credit: DanielleElwood.com
Fitted diapers can really be any specific type or style of diaper, but they are one size. They are not diapers that can grow with your baby. I was lucky enough to use a couple xtra small, and small diapers when my youngest was born. She was a peanut and all the diapers I had for her at the time were way too big, even though they were one size.

Some of the sized fitted diapers can require inserts or covers like pre-fold diapers do.

My favorite sized diapers include AppleCheeks, and FuzziBunz (Perfect Size)

What other types of diapers are your favorites?  (Brands) and take a minute to vote in the poll below of your favorites!

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  1. I like flats for when they are little. Take a bit of extra time, but I like the fit.