Monday, June 4, 2012

Announcing the Sponsor Lineup!

Project Convert 2 Cloth is off to an amazing start and we have some really awesome sponsors on board! Today you get to find out exactly who our sponsors are and when you will be able to win great prizes from them!

Originally the project was going to have one large giveaway that would run for the entire duration of the event, but the readers spoke and you guys wanted more smaller giveaways over a period of time with the opportunity of more winners - which I totally get!

There you have it!
These are all of the official sponsors!

Each sponsor of the event has committed a giveaway for the event as well... below are all the details!

Smart Snugs

Smart Snugs has committed two diapers, a wet bag and a pack of bio-liners.  The giveaway for Smart Snugs will take place starting on June 25th.

 Be sure to catch up with Smart Snugs on Facebook & Twitter!


Knickernappies has kindly donated my all time favorite diaper accessory they make... a diaper sprayer! I lived without one for so long but once I finally bought one I knew it was something that all cloth diapering moms need! The Diaper sprayer giveaway is scheduled for July 9th!

Check out Knickernappies on Facebook & Twitter!


FuzziBunz is a personal favorite of mine, and they have kindly donated one perfect size diaper as well as a zipper tote for the giveaway!  FuzziBunz giveaway will take place July 2nd.

Be sure to check out FuzziBunz on Facebook & Twitter!  - If you are interested as well, FuzziBunz just launched a new Affiliate program!

Kelly Wels/Changing Diapers

Author and cloth diaper guru Kelly Wels has sponsored an awesome giveaway!  It includes a copy of her book Changing Diapers, which we also gave away last week, a one size FuzziBunz, and a one size Rumparooz!  Kelly's giveaway will take place on July 23rd! 

Be sure to check out Kelly & Changing Diapers on Facebook and Twitter!
Kelly's Facebook & Twitter
Changing Diapers Facebook & Twitter

Bubbalooch Cloth Diaper Parties

Up and coming company, Bubbalooch, a cloth diaper party company is sponsoring an awesome giveaway for two lucky winners!  On July 30th Bubbalooch will giveaway a newbie newborn kit and a newbie deluxe kit!  (Details included in below photos!)

Check out Bubbalooch on Facebook & Twitter!


AppleCheeks cloth diapers hold a special place in my heart since they were the first kind of diaper I used when I started cloth diapering.  They have committed a little bundle and flushable inserts for their giveaway on August 6th!

Check out AppleCheeks on Facebook & Twitter!

Geffen Baby

For the next few companies I have bundled their giveaways into one week because of course they all go hand-in-hand. Starting with Geffen Baby!   The Geffen Baby inserts will be part of a giveaway package on August 13th!

Check out Geffen Baby on Facebook & Twitter!

Snappi Baby

For those of you who use flats often, I am sure you love your Snappi's! A total must have if you are using flats of course among others!  Snappi will be giving away twelve snappi's during the August 13th giveaway!

Check out Snappi Baby on Facebook!

Sweet Pea Diapers

Sweet Pea Diapers has committed a diaper for the giveaway. I recently had a chance to check out one of their covers and the prints are adorable!  The Sweet Pea Diapers giveaway will be included in the August 13th giveaway as well.
Check out Sweet Pea Diapers on Facebook & Twitter!

Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts the laundry detergent is one of the sponsors I am excited about because a lot of people always wonder what they should be using to wash their diapers in! Eco Nuts is one of two sponsors to get your fluff clean! Eco Nuts will be giving away a medium box on August 20th.

Check out Eco Nuts on Facebook & Twitter!

Itti Bitti

I love Itti Bitti and they donated an adorable cloth changing mat. A must have for moms who are often heading out and about with their kiddos!  I have one in my diaper bag at all times!  The Itti Bitty Giveaway will be on August 27th!

Check out Itti Bitti on Facebook & Twitter!

Cloth Diaper Geek

I love Julie and her site the Cloth Diaper Geek!  She is hysterical and a pro in all things cloth diapers. She is another one of the great giveaway sponsors, and will be giving away a $20 gift certificate to Diaper Junction!

Check out Julie on Facebook & Twitter!

Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana are awesome pocket and sized cloth diapers and they have offered to giveaway one diaper to a lucky reader! They have new prints that just came out recently as well! The giveaway will take place on September 3rd!

Check out Charlie Banana on Facebook & Twitter!

Rockin' Green

Rockin' Green is what I use to wash my diapers personally and have fallen in love with them over the years. I am excited they will be giving away 3 bags of the detergent! The giveaway will be on September 10th!

Check out Rockin' Green on Facebook & Twitter!

Lastly -  There is ONE week open for a giveaway at the end of the project since a sponsor pulled out last minute. If you would like to fill this week, please contact!

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