Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poop on the Hands: You Are Doing It Wrong!

People never cease to amaze me with idiotic comments on cloth diapering, but recently I saw something -somewhere with step-by-step instructions on how to  change a cloth diaper without getting poop on your hands. Yes, I am serious.

I had to stop for a minute and think if there was much validity to the posting itself before I compared changing a disposable diaper and the difficulty of avoiding poop to actually changing a cloth diaper.
When I think of the differences between the two my last concern is actually the hazard of poop on the hands. Because if we are all being real here… if you are changing a diaper which contains crap — you have the chance that you can get it on your hands.

The fact that the diaper is re-usable and made of a cloth material doesn’t increase your risk.
If you are cloth diapering and getting crap all over your hands when you are changing a diaper… you are doing it all wrong.

First – You aren’t supposed to scoop the poop out of the diaper with your hands. If someone told you it was a hands on kind of job… they were pulling your leg!

Second – Give flushable wipes a try.  You can use the wipe to help remove most of the poop. Or of course you can always invest in a diaper sprayer.

Third – They don’t need to have every spec of poop out of them before they go in the wet bag… you are going to be washing them anyway.

But seriously… there is no special technique to changing a cloth diaper when compared to changing a disposable diaper. You really just do it the same thing.

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